10 free SEO tips

Want to do SEO yourself? Or do you want to save time and money working with SEO consultants like us? Here are some free SEO tips to get your started:

  1. Write more — You can’t have too much content. Not only will it help with your most important keywords, it will also help acquire traffic from the long tail of search.
  2. Write good page titles — A page’s title (the title tag) is one of the most important SEO factors. It should be unique for every page, starting with the best keyword that describes that page.
  3. Use customer-speak — Write using the terms that your customers do. These are usually the keywords they are typing into the search engines to find organizations like yours, so doing so will help your rankings more than will using brand names and your own special lingo.
  4. Write more — Can’t emphasize this enough.
  5. Get links — Encourage / solicit links from other sites to yours. Search engines see these as outside validation of your site’s worthiness.
  6. Link often — Cross link between pages in your site. If a page for Product A talks about its relationship to Product B, make the reference to Product B a link to that page.
  7. Avoid glitz — Over-reliance on Flash and JavaScript, particularly for navigation and splash pages, can prevent search engines from indexing all of your content.
  8. Write more — You might think that having this in here again is cheating our way up to 10, but it really is that important.
  9. Break up long content — Instead of writing really long pages, break up content into easily digestible chunks on different pages with simple navigation between them. A simple rule of thumb is to break up a page wherever you have a subheading. This will generate more pages that better target variations on your main keywords.
  10. Research keywords — Finding the right targets is half the battle. Look at your competitors and use tools like the Google Keyword Tool to find out what your customers are looking for.
  11. *BONUS TIP* Make navigation easy — Provide a logical structure / organization of content, and make things easy to find with good menus, easily identifiable links, and by providing multiple paths to content. Not only will this help users, the additional links and good structure can help rankings.
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