Competitive SEO and AdWords advertising just got harder

With a recent announcement that some searches will result in up to 4 links to a single domain, Google has made it harder to gain traffic through competitive search engine marketing techniques.

If Google determines that a domain is particularly authoritative for a search, as many as the top four search results could be for that domain. They use “moma” as an example, showing the main page for New York’s Museum of Modern Art as the top result (complete with site links and a site search box) followed by 3 more results with “compacted” snippets. These push all other results further down the page. This is great for More real estate means more clicks and less for everyone else.

From an SEO standpoint, the pursuit of high rankings on competitive keywords is now much harder as even a successful implementation of such a strategy pushes your results further down the page.

From an advertiser standpoint, placing AdWords ads on competitive keywords and brands hasn’t changed, the but the CTR is likely to drop somewhat as the top domain has that much more visibility and thus “distracts” potential traffic away from your ads.

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