Do you know where your ads are? AdCenter’s Publisher Placement Report

Just last week we looked at Yahoo’s Ad Placement Report, how it can help optimize your Yahoo PPC campaigns and how discloses the huge number of sites included as part of the Yahoo Search network. Does Microsoft adCenter offer a similar report? Yes, the Publisher Placement Performance report.


Running the report is extremely easy. Access it under the Campaign Settings page of a campaign (see Campaign exclusions >> Website exclusions).


You can also run the report using the Reports tab.

Unlike the thousands of different sites uncovered through Yahoo’s report, adCenter’s Search network appears to be quite limited. Not surprisingly, was the number one referral. Others included and a handful of Microsoft-owned sites and portals. Browsing through 35+ pages of data for a client, there were only one or two sites we eventually excluded.

It’s good to see both Yahoo Sponsored Search and MSN Adcenter providing this information to advertisers on the Search (not Content) networks. So the question is, why doesn’t Google offer a similar report for their search networks?

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