Finding Negative Keywords

Here’s a tip for finding negative keywords for PPC campaigns as well as websites to link to for linking campaigns. Set up Google Alerts for those keywords your advertising on. Depending on the popularity of your keyword(s) you should start receiving emails from Google pretty quickly with links to various articles, blogs and websites. It’s very likely some of these articles will have nothing to do with the keyword you’re targeting. What these resources may have though are variations on your keyword you don’t want to advertise on. Add these as negative keywords to your Google, MSN, or Yahoo ad campaigns.

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2 Responses to “Finding Negative Keywords”

  1. SEO Expert Services Says:

    A good way to get keyword suggestions is to use Google Adwords keyword tool. First, you need an Adwords account. Then start a new PPC campaign for your site and use the keyword tool to find not only keywords that people have searched on but also their monthly relative search volumes.

  2. Josh Says:

    You don’t necessarily need an AdWords account. You can go to to get access to some of this data without signing up.