Google makes local SEO more important than ever

Now that Google is allowing searchers to specify the location of search results, it is more important than ever to ensure search engines know where your click-and-mortar business is located. We recently wrote about local SEO (part 1, part 2), and now would be a good time to take basic steps to improve the likelihood that you’ll be found when users specify your locale:

  • Add your address to your website. If you rely on in-store sales, put the address on every page (in the footer is fine).
  • If you have locations in multiple cities, have a page for each location.
  • Use your location in your copy, meta tags, page titles, etc. on appropriate pages.
  • Get your site included in local directories and resource guides.
  • Get links from other sites that include your location in anchor text.

One benefit to localizing your SEO efforts is that it greatly reduces the competition for top spots. For instance, there are far fewer auto mechanics in Seattle than there are across the entire country, thus ranking for “Seattle auto mechanics” is vastly easier than doing so for “auto mechanics.”

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2 Responses to “Google makes local SEO more important than ever”

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  2. Zermic the Frog Says:

    Local SEO should be the first preference if the business relies on the walk- in traffic rather than ordering online. It works better with small or local business and it can do wonders in increasing the popularity of the business. All web entrepreneurs should have complete understanding of it because it is the only way through which they can grab the attention of local customers as it will definitely start attracting traffic from all over the world.