Most Expensive Keyword Advertising Terms

You think you’re paying a lot?

A recent post on CyberWyre identifies some of the most expensive terms upon which to bid in AdWords. Not surprisingly, “mesothelioma lawyers” tops the list at over $50 per click. AdWords’ use of CTR in calculating bid position means that most advertisers aren’t paying this much. Top position on Overture (Yahoo Sponsored Search) for “mesothelioma” cost $24.75 at the time of this writing.

Most of us aren’t in the lung cancer lawsuit business, so these bids may seem out of sight. However, there are plenty of other terms that require substantial investment. The top bid for “business intelligence” on Overture is over $12, almost double that for AdWords. Terms including “real estate” can be bid up over $20 on AdWords and $10 on Overture.

Want to reduce costs? Remember:

  • Use negative keywords
  • Use keywords matching options
  • Bid based upon ROI
  • Separate search and content network ads campaigns
  • Target the right geography (or other segmentation options when available)
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