Register now for Googles +1 recommendation engine

Google is working on a mechanism for collecting and sharing users impressions of search results. The system is called +1. It allows users to give a virtual “thumbs-up” on sites that they like by clicking on a small symbol next to their listing in search results. This applies to both ads and natural results.

The result of +1’ing listings is that your online connections (as specified through your Google Account) will see that you have given it your approval.

They might some day show the total number of people have +1’ed the listing.

To start using +1 right now, enable it from the Google Experimental page.

If you are a Google AdWords Advertiser, these personal votes could improve ad performance, so encourage users to +1 your listings.

If you are a site owner, sign up for the +1 Dashboard so that you can add such buttons to your website.

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One Response to “Register now for Googles +1 recommendation engine”

  1. 360 webshops Says:

    This could be a really good feature. People where getting used with voting on vid’s on Youtube. So why not on search results from Google? My only concern is the fact that most people use Google to do a quick search on the subject they are looking for.
    Voting on sites is an extra action you don’t want on a quick search.

    But, in the end.. This with a neural net that decides what results where best for the search query, is a strong combination for SEO.