Simple SEO Tricks

There are some simple SEO “tricks” that can garner higher ranking with minimal effort, and that you can employ yourself rather than paying an SEO firm. The success of these SEO techniques is — however — predicated upon a number of other factors such as proper site structure (see our SEO site analyses) and use of the most appropriate keywords (we also provide keyword research services).

  • Write more content.
  • Use keywords in your titles tags.
  • Use keyword-rich headings.
  • Make sure users don’t need JavaScript to view all of your content.
  • Put keywords in image ALT text.

Content is critical for SEO, so if you don’t have any, the other techniques aren’t going to help much. It is also the most time-consuming of the techniques listed here.

Speaking of copywriting, good SEO copy does not sound like a parrot repeating your keywords. It should be written for real humans, not just search engines. Likewise good page titles and headings use your keywords, but in ways that are not displeasing to people.

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2 Responses to “Simple SEO Tricks”

  1. joe link Says:

    I still think link directories are useful, althought not as much.

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