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SEO for local search: recovery vs. discovery

When optimizing for local searches, it’s important to recognize the difference between two distinct user segments. Bruce Clay defines these as “recovery” and “discovery.” When someone knows your business but needs contact or location information, they will be searching on brands and company names. E.g. “Bob’s Widgets Seattle” ┬áThe discovery group will search on unbranded […]

Google makes local SEO more important than ever

Now that Google is allowing searchers to specify the location of search results, it is more important than ever to ensure search engines know where your click-and-mortar business is located. We recently wrote about local SEO (part 1, part 2), and now would be a good time to take basic steps to improve the likelihood […]

Improve Google Local Listings through local SEO – local store marketing – part 2

Recently we blogged about local SEO and local store marketing. There we talked about adding local listings to online service directories. In this installment, we’ll provide some specifics about improving the ranking of your Google local listing and visibility in map results for geographic searches. David Mihm has written an excellent report on local SEO. […]

Local SEO: local store marketing – part 1

Studies indicate that “70% of U.S. Households Now Use the Internet When Shopping Locally for Products and Services.” (The Kelsey Group and ConStat Indicates) Ian White reported that “40% of [search] queries have local intent.” If you own a business that depends on local traffic – restaurants, lodging, retail stores and/or services – you simply […]