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Basic SEO advice for non-profits applies to everyone

Google just gave some free, basic SEO advice for non-profits that actually applies to every website. As we’ve been saying in various posts for years: Use good page titles. Write good page descriptions. Properly apply heading styles. Use ALT text for images. We’re here to help. Contact us if you have questions about these suggestions […]

Google synonyms and natural language processing

Google just blogged about synonyms as they related to searcher intent. They provide several examples of how a concept as simple as a synonym complicate natural language processing. This also brings up some important recommendations for site owners with respect to SEO. Prospective customers type in all kinds of variations on your most obvious keywords […]

Quickly uncover related sites for link building & SEO

There are scores of free SEO tools on the web, but here is a very quick way to uncover some direct competitors, industry-related sites, and web sites that link to your competition. In Google type: “related:www.somedomain.com”. (Note that there is no space between the “:” and the domain name.) That’s it. Try it with a […]

Simple SEO Tricks

There are some simple SEO “tricks” that can garner higher ranking with minimal effort, and that you can employ yourself rather than paying an SEO firm. The success of these SEO techniques is — however — predicated upon a number of other factors such as proper site structure (see our SEO site analyses) and use […]