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General Computing

Avoiding Spam Emails

This article explains how spammers get your address and how you can prevent it.

Windows Secrets

Brian Livingston et al. write an incredibly useful newsletter about Windows and associated applications. We consider it a must read.

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Recommended Software


The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free, open-source image editing software package.


Inkscape is an open-source, scalable vector graphics editor useful for creating logos, text-based artwork, etc.

PDF Creator

This open source tool allows you to "print" a PDF file from any application.

Web Browser: Firefox

Firefox is a better alternative to Internet Explorer, providing tabbed browsing and many free extensions that make it more powerful and more secure.

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Search Engine News and Resources

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is the news source of search engine marketing.

High Rankings Forum

This is one of the top forums for discussing the search engine trade.

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Web Design and Usability

Need a color scheme or to convert between various formats? This site has a terrific selection of color calculation tools.

iCapture and ieCapture

Cross-browser compatibility is made much easier with Dan Vine's terrific iCapture and ieCapture tools that show you screen shots as seen on the Mac and Internet Explorer (various versions), respectively.

Jakob Nielsen, usability guru, opines on all things web-related at his website.


Find abundant news and active forums at WebmasterWorld.

World Wide Web Consortium

The W3C defines web standards and provides validation tools.

Zen Garden

See what CSS can do at Zen Garden.

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Web Marketing News


eMarketer publishes a daily list of articles, research reports, and press releases that affect the web marketing industry.

Web Marketing Today

Web Marketing Today provides comprehensive information on Internet marketing, e-mail marketing, online advertising, website design, e-commerce, and search engine optimization.

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Web Programming

This site provides excellent information, tutorials, and examples of popular CSS implementations.

Markup Validation Service

The W3C provides this tool to see if your content conforms to appropriate HTML / XML standards. Adherence to such standards is good practice and it avoids some cross-browser compatibility issues. provides top-tier web hosting services: feature-rich plans with terrific support.

Position Is Everything

This site explains some obtuse CSS bugs in modern browsers, provides demo examples of interesting CSS behaviors, and shows how to make CSS work.

Switching to PHP: What's the Language Difference?

This is a terrific introduction to PHP for those who have worked in other languages.

W3 Schools

The W3 Schools site is a great place to start learning about any number of web technologies.


In spite of having been through many owners, Webmonkey remains a solid resource for web developers with a variety of tutorials and examples.

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Strategic Marketing Consulting

ClarityQuest provides business planning, messaging & branding, and public relations services.

Custom Chocolate Gifts

Want to say thanks to customers, vendors, and friends? Contact Totally Chocolate about their custom chocolate gifts.

Direct Marketing Services

Marigold Technologies provides top-of-the-line list brokerage and direct marketing services.


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