Keyword Research Services

What are your customers searching for? Answering this question should should be the first step of any effective web marketing effort including SEO and keyword advertising. Keyword research enables you to make good decisions about resource allocation.

More Terms, More Traffic

Keyword research turns up terms used by more potential customers than you are likely to be reaching. Typically our research turns up between 300 and 1000 candidate keywords upon which to optimize and/or advertise.

The Numbers Tell the Story

Our keyword research includes numbers that empower web marketing decisions including estimated traffic, the number of competing sites, and estimation of term competitiveness. These statistics help make decisions before money is spent on web site changes and advertising campaigns.



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The Importance of Keyword Reseach.

"Web 1 Marketing conducted web search terms research that let us understand how the customer goes looking for information. This was done early in the process of upgrading a web site so we were able to maximize the impact of this work in our copy, site tags and graphic/text layouts. This was a very worthwhile investment."

Sherril Small