SEO Copywriting Services

Great copy sells. Great copy can also improve your search engine ranking and hence increase the number of visitors to your site. We provide professional SEO copywriting services that satisfy both site visitors and search engines.

Content is King

Content is the single most important factor to consider when it comes to search engine optimization. The major search engines rank your site based upon its perceived value. Sites that lack substantial content are judged to be less informative and therefore are ranked lower in search results. There isn't an "upper bound" to this rule: more content can help your ranking so long as it's not the same material repeated multiple times (search engines sometimes employ sophisticated techniques to detect duplication, even across multiple sites).

Not All Content is Equal

The object of good SEO copywriting is to develop compelling web site copy that both conveys the benefits of your products as well as improves search engine ranking through the incorporation of appropriate keywords. Good copywriters create fabulous prose that sings your praises, but they almost never are aware of the importance of, and techniques for, incorporating keywords. Likewise many SEO professionals can create text that looks great to search engines but looks to humans like a repetive list of keywords. A skilled SEO copywriter strikes a balance that satisfies both sets of requirements to improve search engine ranking and compel visitors to become customers.

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