SEO Services Guarantee

Our goal is to increase your site traffic through improving search engine ranking on relevant terms through legitimate means. Thus our guarantee is a commitment to our customers:

  • To provide you with quality SEO services that are professional, timely, and courteous.
  • To only take on your SEO project if we believe that we can make a substantial difference in your search engine placement and resulting traffic.
  • To avoid deceptive practices and techniques that do not justify your good faith.

SEO Provider Integrity

Some SEO providers will "guarantee" placement. Let's be clear: There is no way to guarantee a particular ranking in the major search engines. The only ways to directly manipulate your ranking at major search engines like Google, AltaVista, and Yahoo are paid placement and deceptive practices. Paid placement does not affect your standard search position in most major search engines, rather it determines your location relative to other advertisers in an area that is typically clearly differentiated from unpaid search results. We will only pay for placement when you choose to do so. We will never use practices intended to deceive search engines. Such practices almost inevitably work, if at all, for very short periods of time, and eventually result in the removal of the offending site from search engine directories. (There are many online resources that discuss the methods and pitfalls of "spamming" search engines.)