Creating a 180-day “All visitors” AdWords remarketing list

AdWords’ default “All visitors” remarketing list has an unmodifiable 30-day look-back window or “membership duration.” Sometimes you want something longer (or shorter). In particular, you may want to save AdWords budget by excluding people from seeing an ad after they’ve clicked on one. (Note that there’s an upper limit of 180 days for search, 540 days for display.)

It’s easy enough in theory to create a list, but they don’t offer an obvious way to include all visitors. Here’s my solution:

  • Go to your “Shared library”
  • View your “Audiences”
  • Click on the button to create a new remarketing list
  • Give your list a name, such as “All visitors, 180-day”
  • For “Who to add to your list” select “Visitors of a page”
  • Here’s the most important part. In order to get everyone, type in part of your domain name and select “URL contains…”. Don’t use part of the path, the home page, or something else. If you use multiple subdomains, don’t include the subdomain, just the domain.
  • Set the membership duration
  • Click “Save”

Like any new remarketing list, it can take a while for the list to grow big enough to be assignable to a campaign.

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