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Content for SEO, periodic table-style

Andy Crestodina recently wrote a fantastic piece about content, using the periodic table as a model for the various content-types. Aside from its appeal to my inner geek, it does a great job of listing the various types and describing how they can relate to each other in ways that maximize SEO and referral benefits.

Risks of social media: business is not personal

Social media is all the rage. Facebook and Twitter have millions of users broadcasting information to each other in an amorphous and humongous online social web that now extends beyond desktop computers into iPhones and Blackberries as they roam the globe. Many companies see this as fertile territory for promoting their brands, and some are […]

Misguided FTC blogging guidelines

Karen Anderson recently blogged about the FTC’s plans to draft new rules that allow them to go after bloggers for false claims and conflicts of interest. These plans have been in the works for months, but widespread awareness and concern seems to have only blossomed in the last few weeks, leaving little time for action […]

Ghost blogging

Sometimes you want a blog but don’t have the time or expertise to write customer- and search-engine-friendly content. You know that all that up-to-date content improves your image and helps your search engine rankings. But who has time to come up with good, on-topic content several times a week? We frequently are asked by prospective […]

Twitter our blog

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What to do with form spam

If you have a form on your website, you’ve almost certainly received meaningless form submissions that contain links to site that sell medication, cheap stocks, pyramid schemes, and other unwanted material. This “form spam” is often automatically generated by software that can quickly fill out thousands of forms. Sometimes real people fill them out quickly […]