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Using AdWords remarketing lists to exclude prior ad clickers

Why pay twice for the same visitor? You can save money in AdWords by excluding ad impressions for people who have already clicked on an ad. This may be appropriate if you feel that the first click generates enough awareness that subsequent visits would occur through natural results. For example, one of our clients is […]

Register now for Googles +1 recommendation engine

Google is working on a mechanism for collecting and sharing users impressions of search results. The system is called +1. It allows users to give a virtual “thumbs-up” on sites that they like by clicking on a small symbol next to their listing in search results. This applies to both ads and natural results. The […]

SEO vs. SMO – hold your horses

A friend recently pointed me toward an article that says “SEO is Dead” because of the rise of Social Media Optimization, or SMO. The article is wrong, and here’s why: First, search traffic is still growing. People still use search to find products and services, background information, reviews, and competitive pricing. People may get ideas […]

How Google Instant affects advertisers

Google announced today the rollout of Google Instant. Now search results are shown as you type instead of waiting for you to submit a full query. This forces us to rethink the concept of an impression and suggests some new directions in ad targeting. Google Instant changes both natural results and ads as what you […]

Google synonyms and natural language processing

Google just blogged about synonyms as they related to searcher intent. They provide several examples of how a concept as simple as a synonym complicate natural language processing. This also brings up some important recommendations for site owners with respect to SEO. Prospective customers type in all kinds of variations on your most obvious keywords […]

The end of Yelp?

Over the last few months, Google has been rolling out new consumer services and features at an ever increasing rate. One of their latest additions, “Favorite Places on Google“, poses a direct threat to local business directory and review sites like Yelp. Yelp has grown exponentially since its launch in 2004 to become today’s titan […]

DoubleClick Ad Exchange expands Google’s content network

Google has just announced DoubleClick Ad Exchange and provided more details for advertisers in the AdWords Blog. For advertisers, this means more sites will be available through the content network, many of them large, marquee brands that were previously difficult to reach for many small advertisers. Ad space purchased through the DoubleClick Ad Exchange will […]

See what users search on in AdWords

AdWords has added the ability to see what keywords are triggering ad impressions without running a Search Query Report. Simply open up an ad group to view the keywords, and a button will appear above the keyword list that says “See search terms….” Clicking on it will present you with two options where you can […]

Quickly uncover related sites for link building & SEO

There are scores of free SEO tools on the web, but here is a very quick way to uncover some direct competitors, industry-related sites, and web sites that link to your competition. In Google type: “related:www.somedomain.com”. (Note that there is no space between the “:” and the domain name.) That’s it. Try it with a […]

AdWords trademark permission application

If you need permission to use a trademarked term on AdWords, you can go to https://services.google.com/inquiry/aw_tmauth to apply for a waiver. As we noted last week, Google will be loosening the AdWords trademark policy.