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Bing powering Yahoo search natural results

This week Microsoft sent emails to US advertisers stating that Bing is beginning to power Yahoo natural search results: This week, Bing will begin powering organic search results on Yahoo! Search for the English language in the United States and Canada. This only affects natural search, not paid results at this time. Microsoft is still […]

Goodbye Yahoo Publisher Network

According to TechCrunch, the Yahoo Publisher Network is being shut down. Participants are being directed to Chitika as an alternative. Yahoo Publisher Network can be thought of as Yahoo’s version of Google AdSense, a program that allows website owners to easily display and gain revenue from ads. This change primarily affects publishers of ads, not […]

CTR explained

A long time ago, we wrote briefly about how higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR) values aren’t always desirable, and our clients often ask how to best interpret the significance of CTR. CTR is literally defined as the percentage of people who viewed an ad that clicked on it.  For example, if an ad is shown 100 times […]

Microsoft and Yahoo! alliance gets regulatory approval

Microsoft and Yahoo! have received regulatory approval for their “search alliance” in which Microsoft will provide search and advertising on Yahoo’s websites. Details are being revealed at http://advertising.microsoft.com/search-alliance/home. Advertisers do not need to take any actions right now, as the integration is not likely to take place before late in 2010, and we assume that […]

Why and how to tag links

When you create online advertising of any kind, it is possible to “tag” the ads in a way that website analytics software like Google Analytics and WebTrends can provide additional information about these traffic sources. For example, tagging can make it possible to tell exactly which ad among several provides the most online purchases or […]

Do you know where your ads are? AdCenter’s Publisher Placement Report

Just last week we looked at Yahoo’s Ad Placement Report, how it can help optimize your Yahoo PPC campaigns and how discloses the huge number of sites included as part of the Yahoo Search network. Does Microsoft adCenter offer a similar report? Yes, the Publisher Placement Performance report. Running the report is extremely easy. Access […]

Yahoo Sponsored Search Discloses Ad Placements…And More

A week ago Yahoo announced a new feature/report for Yahoo Sponsored Search advertisers, the Ad Delivery Report. In short, it’s a report that tells you where your ads are being shown across Yahoo’s (vast) network, along with performance data. It’s a helpful report to run, and discloses just how many different sites Yahoo places your […]

Bing and Yahoo and SEO: there’s no rush

Microsoft and Yahoo! have announced a complex agreement in which Bing will provide natural and paid search results to Yahoo! properties, and Microsoft will have access to Yahoo!’s technology. Yahoo! will provide the salesforce for premium search advertisers. Self-service paid search (this is regular old PPC through adCenter and Yahoo Sponsored Search) will be handled […]

AdWords trademark policy changes bring fairness to advertising

After recent news from Yahoo Sponsored Search and Microsoft adCenter that both programs are shifting to draconian trademark protection policies, it is a quite refreshing to hear Google breathe some reason back into search advertising. For years trademark owners have objected to the use of their marks in competitive advertisments, some going so far as […]

Lowering bids to increase PPC traffic

Increasing bids in a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) / search engine advertising campaign improves ad position, which usually increase the number of impressions and clicks. However, if you have a fixed daily budget that is always being spent, you will get more clicks if you decrease bids. Here’s why: The total number of clicks you can get […]