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adCenter trademarks no longer protected on keywords

Microsoft has announced that as of March 3, 2011 they will no longer review keywords for trademarks. This comes almost a year to the day after we explained why limiting keyword usage is unfair to advertisers and inconsistent with most other interpretations of trademark protection. It also makes trademark usage roughly consistent between Bing, Yahoo, […]

Targeting trademarked words in AdWords: European courts give okay

Google has won a court case in Europe that upholds the right of advertisers to show ads when someone searches on trademarked terms. This case does not address trademarked terms in ad language. This is a big win for advertisers and, as we’ve said before, is consistent with fair use and the rules that apply […]

Misguided FTC blogging guidelines

Karen Anderson recently blogged about the FTC’s plans to draft new rules that allow them to go after bloggers for false claims and conflicts of interest. These plans have been in the works for months, but widespread awareness and concern seems to have only blossomed in the last few weeks, leaving little time for action […]

AdWords trademark permission application

If you need permission to use a trademarked term on AdWords, you can go to https://services.google.com/inquiry/aw_tmauth to apply for a waiver. As we noted last week, Google will be loosening the AdWords trademark policy.

AdWords trademark policy changes bring fairness to advertising

After recent news from Yahoo Sponsored Search and Microsoft adCenter that both programs are shifting to draconian trademark protection policies, it is a quite refreshing to hear Google breathe some reason back into search advertising. For years trademark owners have objected to the use of their marks in competitive advertisments, some going so far as […]