The number 1 design rule

The golden rule for good web design is simply:

Don’t annoy users. They will leave.

A lot of big, beautiful, and expensive web sites commit cardinal sins that result in higher bounce rates and lower sales.

Most annoying behaviors are easy to avoid. These sins include:

  • Splash pages
  • Sound or music when the page loads
  • A delay before users can do anything, such as with Flash-only designs that use animated navigation
  • Poor or non-existent navigation
  • Missing a “home” link
  • Resizing the user’s browser window
  • Slowly animated drop-down menus
  • Small or otherwise hard to read text
  • Lack of meaningful content
  • “Company-speak”: Talk like your customers do
  • Lack of easy-to-find contact information

Many sites would be dramatically improved if these were taken to heart, and your site will perform better if they avoid these sins altogether.

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