Article Marketing Lives On – Part I: The Top 5 Five Article Submission Directories

There is much debate about the usefulness of article marketing, from both a SEO standpoint or simply to promote your business. Many SEO consultants insist it’s lost much of it’s value, while others have created some very successful businesses out of it. As article marketers ourselves, we believe the glass is half full. Matter of fact, if done well, article marketing can lead to some great results, driving additional relevant traffic as well as significantly improving your search engine rankings (if you choose your keywords wisely.)

Search the internet for article submission or article directories and the resulting list is long, very long; a search for “article directory” results in over 100 MILLION listings in Google. Yikes. Obviously we are not concerned with all of these, but it can be very difficult to wade through them to determine which provide value. Since we’ve been offering SEO link building services for quite some time, we have a pretty good idea of which ones to focus on. Furthermore, there are a couple factors that must hold true before we even consider using any of these directories, most importantly: no use of the “nofollow” attribute and REAL traffic. How do we know they provide real traffic? Over time we’ve seen which ones work and which ones do not.

Below are our recommendations for the top-5 article directories:

  1. Ezinearticles
  2. Articles Factory
  3. Go Articles
  4. Articles Gold
  5. Scribd – ok, so this one is a little different. They use the iPaper app, therefore the use of anchor text won’t really help SEO ranking for keywords (although you can still include links to relevant sites.) On the other hand, Google crawls this site a lot, probably because it contains a social media twist to article marketing. That is, people can add your article as a favorite, vote on it, embed it elsewhere etc. The fact of the matter is, it’s become a great depository for REAL information.

So we have a list of directories, what now? Now comes the hard part. You can’t just write an article, hit the submit button and expect miracles. Next week we’ll provide some pointers on writing articles that bring results.

What’s your favorite directory? Do you even use them? Please share.

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2 Responses to “Article Marketing Lives On – Part I: The Top 5 Five Article Submission Directories”

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  2. Chris Slocumb Says:

    We’ve had both some nice bank linking and reads off articles posted on We even had a lead off on an article we posted there.